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To reduce the threat to life from fire utilizing technology, education, and localized awareness for the fire service and the general public.

The California Fire Prevention Organization (CFPO) is a non-profit public benefit 501 (c) (3) corporation. The organization is focused on reducing injuries and fatalities as a result of fire throughout the State of California.

CFPO is focused on education and awareness, both for specific segments of the public and the fire service. By demonstrating a commitment to community risk reduction (CRR), not just as a phrase for PR, but as a functional process, a new series of fire education initiatives will be shared across the state.

CFPO is managed by an experienced, highly trained board of directors, all from either the fire service or with higher education leadership expertise.

Combined, our team has collectively presented to more than 670,000 students during the past 33 years, primarly in southern California. Presentations and programs have been delivered to more than 250,000 students in the 4th and 5th grades by our experts in just the past four years.

Our organization is unique in that we have expertise in multiple disciplines.
By topic, note how our expertise is applied:

Fire Prevention

Retired assistant fire chief, retired fire captain, active battalion chief, active paramedic, and consulting active deputy fire chief make up our fire prevention group


Past network news director, university broadcast journalism professor, two-time Oscar award-winning film producer, experienced camera operator, PR director make up our film/media group.


Active fire service educator, former associate professor, active elementary school teacher, and courseware development expert make up our education group.


Award winning web engineer, two formally trained web developers, active social media expert consultant, and Information Technology manager make up our Internet group.

The formula for program accountability and success is based around expertise in collaborative team management. Each contributor understands their roles and responsibilities. The execution of our programs is an ongoing, daily activity. A full-time focus on results and the metrics that demonstrate success is at the core of the CFPO mission.

Professional Management

An experienced board of directors, combined with a highly trained Executive Officer manage MySafe:California. The management team includes fire officers, educators, and health experts. All officers donate their time.

Collaborative Engagement

Our programs take nationally recognized concepts in fire and life safety and localize them for better community engagement. We partner with fire departments and other agencies to ensure we’re sharing expertise, not duplicating it.

Community Risk Reduction

Our team focuses on studying a community, identifying risks, and evaluating those risks. Then we develop and deploy risk-reduction programs that help people within that community be better prepared.

We can’t do it without you.

MySafe:California is funded soley through grants and gifts. Every dollar helps. We exist because of people like you – thoughtful, caring, and community-minded. California is a big state, and there are a number of significant risks that affect thousands of people every day. Your gift will give us the energy to reach out and help make people’s homes and communities better prepared for disaster. There’s always money after a disaster – we’re working to prevent the disaster in the first place. Every year there are more people to prepare, more kids to teach, and more older adults to keep safe. Help us continue our mission. Help us make California safer, more prepared and more resilient.

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Our American Red Cross Partners

The California Fire Prevention Organization (California Fire Prevention Organization) enjoys a rewarding relationship with the American Red Cross. For more than a year, we’ve been partnered with the Red Cross Los Angeles Region, supporting their “sound the alarm” home fire safety initiative. There are some important differences between our organizations. It’s that diversity that makes our...
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Fireworks Are Not For Amateurs

We know you like your Independence, and enjoy doing things yourself.  But trust us, on Independence Day in California, it’s best to leave the fireworks shows to the professionals. Here are a few reasons why: Purchasing, selling, or detonating fireworks is illegal in many cities throughout California. That’s a good thing.  The problem is, surrounding...
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Community Risk Reduction in California

Community Risk Reduction in California is an emerging and important component of modern fire prevention. California Fire Prevention Organization is working to create tools, support, and programs and help agencies throughout California better implement these new fire prevention practices. Our parent organization is called the Safe Community Project, Inc., and has been involved in professional...
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Riverside City Fire Partners With CalFire Prevention

California Fire Prevention is pleased to announce that the Riverside City Fire Department has entered into a Memo of Agreement to partner with our organization in the area of fire and life safety. The new Agreement will see CFPO contribute fire and life safety educational programs and awareness to the City of Riverside. “We’re very...
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Installing Free Smoke Alarms Year Round

The education and public safety teams at California Fire Prevention Organization conduct home inspections and install free smoke alarms in an ongoing basis year round. From a metrics point of view, the program is measured by the number of alarms installed and people impacted. But, there is so much more to the story.  These visits...
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FREE Smoke Alarms for Calistoga Residents

California Fire Prevention Organization will parter with the Calistoga Fire Department to offer FREE smoke alarms for Calistoga residents. Following the devastating fires that have impacted so many people in nearby communities, helping Calistoga residents is just one small way our organization can help. “We’re going to provide free smoke alarms, CO detectors, family escape...
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New PSA Series for Riverside County Fire Chiefs

The California Fire Prevention Organization video team has developed a series of public service announcements for the Riverside County Fire Chiefs. The short video clips cover kitchen fires and anti-drowning messaging. Drowning has become a year-round tragic reality for many communities. And, as most house fires start in the kitchen, getting the word out about...
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Are You Prepared This September?

September is National Preparedness Month. You know that family escape plan you keep meaning to draw up and finalize? You know the one, where you make sure you’ve mapped out two ways out of your bedroom and two ways out of you home. And you’ve chosen a safe meeting place where every one in your...
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