Pet Safety

Our Pets Are Part of the Family


Pets Depend on Us

know what to do if one needs help

Everyone loves their pets. If you have a dog, cat, horse, or even a single fish, you know how important these animals can be to our family’s happiness and security. We feel better having a pet (or two) around, and most of us feel that our pet is an important member of the family.

Pets need to be protected, just like other family members. Pets are depending on us to help keep them safe, and to know what to do in the event one of them is injured or needs help. In the event of a wildfire, earthquake, or other disaster, protecting pets should be part of “the plan.” There are other times when your pet needs to be protected as well:

Fireworks are not your pet’s friend.

City streets are not your pet’s friend.

Poisons and certain foods are not your pet’s friends.

We’ve created a Pet Emergency Safety Checklist for you. You may download it here. It’s FREE! [ get list ]

To keep in touch with the latest news on keeping your pets safe, check out our News page, as we’ll post stories about your pets there.

Have you seen our web series, Before The Barks? This informative and entertaining web series shares the journey young dogs take on their way to becoming search and rescue partners for FEMA.

Episode 1 — Meet Coby and Guiness!

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